Some of the new acquisitions in the year 2006:

Basohli School
Portrait of Raja Hindal Pal of Basohli sitting on a carpet, with servant, ca. 1670-1675
Gouache heightened with gold. - 199 × 211 mm (borders irregular). Above in Takri script, in brush and black ink: Sri… Medni Pal
Acquired on 3 January 2006; inv. no. 2006-T.1

Provenance: private collection (sale London, Sotheby, 29 March 1982, no. 166, as ‘Mankot’, ca. 1730); Robert Alderman and Mark Zebrowski, London.

Jacques-Louis David (Paris 1746-1825 Brussels)
View across the Tiber with the Temple of Vesta, ca. 1775-1780
Gray ink and gray wash over black chalk on two sheets of paper.– 105 × 283 mm
Verso: Sketch of buildings, graphite.
Inscription, bottom left in pen and black ink: Le Bas du mont palatin
Marks: initials in pen and brown ink of Jules David, JD. (Lugt 1437) at bottom left and Eugène David, ED (Lugt 839) at bottom right.
Acquired on 21 March 2006; inv. no. 2006-T.6

Provenance: studio of J.-L. David; recorded in his postmortem inventory, 25 February 1826, part of no. 19-27 first sale of the artist’s estate, Paris, 17 April 1826, part of no. 66, not sold); Mme David, his wife, recorded in her postmortem inventory, 27 June 1826, no. 19 (second sale of the artist’s estate, Paris, 11 March 1835, part of no. 16; Galerie Terrades, Paris, at the Salon du Dessin 2006.

Exhibition: Paris, Salon du Dessin 2006 (Galerie Terrades), p. 62, ill. ; New York (Frick Collection) & Paris (Institut Néerlandais), 2009-2010, no. 31.

Bibliography: Susan Galassy in Watteau to Degas: French Drawings from the Frits Lugt Collection, cat. exh. New York (Frick Collection) & Paris (Institut Néerlandais), 2009-2010, p. 104-106, 232-233 (no. 31) (for the albums from which this drawings comes see A. Serullaz in cat. exh. Rome, Académie de France à Rome, 1981-1982, David et Rome, p. 43-69 ; idem in cat. exh. Paris, Louvre, Versailles, Musée national du château, 1990, Jacques-Louis David. 1748-1825, p. 71; idem, Dessins de Jacques-Louis David, Inventaire Général des dessins. Ecole Française. Musée du Louvre, Paris, 1991, p. 64). 

Jacob Hoefnagel (Antwerp 1573 - between 1632 and 1635 Amsterdam)
View of Visegrád, c. 1594-1595
Pen and brown ink, brown wash; red, blue and green watercolor; pink gouache mixed with white for the clothes. Framing lines in pen and brown ink. – 176 × 486 mm.
VIZZEGRAD. germanice PLINDENBVRG; lower left (vertical): DANUBIUS|OCCIDENS; upper left: MAROS; upper right (vertical): ORIENS
Acquired on 24 March 2006; inv. no. 2006-T.16

Watermark: difficult to identify

Provenance: Princes of Liechtenstein, Vaduz; H.P. Kraus, New York; Paul Mellon (1907-1999), Oak Spring, Virginia; by him given to John Baskett, London; private collection, England, since 1985; Day & Faber, London.

Bibliography: M. van Berge-Gerbaud, ‘Jacob Hoefnagel, Vue de Visegrád’, in In arte venustas. Studies on Drawings in Honour of Teréz Gerszi, Budapest, 2007, p. 68-70 (for another preparatory drawing of the print in Civitates Orbis Terrarum, Antwerp, 1575, vol. V, p. 56, see F. Stampfle et al., Netherlandish Drawings of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries and Flemish Drawings of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries in the Pierpont Morgan Library, New York, New York, 1991, p. 45, no. 75).

Romeyn de Hooghe (Amsterdam 1645-1708 Haarlem)
Mary II Stuart Queen of England on her deathbed, 1695
Etching, from two copperplates; only state. - 471 × 585 mm (image); 260 x 589 mm (text [Condoleantie van Staat…] underneath); 731 × 589 mm (whole sheet).
Plate for Samuel Gruterus, Funeralia Mariæ II. Britanicarum D.G. Reginæ…, London (P. Persoy), 1695
Acquired on 26 October 2006; inv. no. 2006-P.16

Watermark: PvL in monogram (Pieter van der Ley; see Churchill no. 243, 362, 403).

Provenance: Alfred Morrison (1821-1897), London and Fonthill (Lugt 151); sale Paris, Drouot (Piasa/Bonafous-Murat), 26 October 2006, no. 69, ill. (to Fondation Custodia).

Exhibition: Paris (Institut Néerlandais), 2010, no. 61.

Bibliography: Hollstein IX, 189-198; J. Landwehr, Splendid Ceremonies…, Leiden 1971, no. 182-183; idem, Romeyn de Hooghe the Etcher…, Leiden 1973, no. 174; P. Fuhring, Ornament Prints in the Rijksmuseum. II. Seventeenth Century, 3 vol., Amsterdam & Rotterdam 2004, vol. III, n° 9780 (our print mentionned); P. Fuhring in H. Buijs e.a., Un Cabinet particulier. Les Estampes de la Collection Frits Lugt, cat. exh. Paris (Institut Néerlandais) & Amsterdam (Museum het Rembrandthuis) 2010, p. 256-258 (no. 61, our print).


Jan van Kessel, View of Deventer with the Lebuïnus Church to the left and the Berg Church to the right (pages 92v.-93r.)
Jan van Kessel (Amsterdam 1641-1680 Amsterdam)
Sketchbook with studies of landscapes, trees, ships and animals
148 drawings on 150 pages; black chalk, sometimes heightened or washed with brush and brown or grey ink; in-12, oblong; bound in contemporary pigskin.- 10 x 16 cm.
Acquired on 12 April 2006; inv. no. 2006-T.30

Provenance: private collection; sale Salzburg, Dorotheum, 12 April 2006 (as ‘sketchbook from circle of Ruisdael’).

Bibliography: J. Giltaij, ‘A newly discovered seventeenth-century sketchbook’, Simiolus 33 (2007-2008), p. 81-93.